The Stefan Heym Society

The International Stefan Heym Society was founded in Chemnitz on 18 April 2009. Its members are to be found in Germany, the UK, Austria, Russia, and the USA. Its constitution underlines its aims of  preserving and promoting the memory of Stefan Heym and his literary achievement.

The Society organises events for its supporters and members of the general public. Its Board is supported by an Advisory Committee which assists in the organisation of readings, lectures, exhibitions, literary colloquia and publications, as well as creating and fostering international relationships.

The activities of the Society are co-ordinated within the Office for Culture of the City of Chemnitz. The City itself is represented on the Board of the Society, as are Cambridge University Library (which houses the Stefan Heym Archive). and Chemnitz City Library. In November 2009 Dr Ulrike Uhlig, who is active in both German studies and Art education, was elected as Chair of the Board. Inge Heym, the author’s widow, is an Honorary Member of the Society.

The Board

Dr Peter Hutchinson (University of Cambridge), President
Dr Ulrike Uhlig (Chemnitz), Deputy Chairman
Christian Staufenbiel (Cambridge University Library), Assistant Deputy Chairman
Katrin Voigt (City of Chemnitz), Chairman
Elke Beer (Chemnitz City Library)
Kathinka Richter (Cottbus)


Would you like to join the International Stefan Heym Society? If so, simply send us a completed Application Form. The cost is 30 Euros per annum, 15 Euros for concessionaries.

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